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Here To Help You Grow - Banking news
May 19, 2023

The recent headline closures of Silicon Valley Bank and three other banks sent shock waves across the banking industry, resulting in depositor uncertainty and concern. The actions by regulators to shore up confidence in the safety of bank deposits appear to have calmed the markets and depositors. However, the economy continues to be affected by inflation, rising interest rates and other national and global forces. 

Despite the turmoil, Madison County Bank operates with the same consistent and stable business practices that have guided us for the last 135 years. Our financial condition is strong and backed by ample capital and liquidity, conservative risk management practices, sensible credit policies, and a talented management team. We will continue to focus on what has made us successful:  enhancing the financial success of our customers, communities and employees. We’ll be here to meet the needs of our business and consumer customers far into the future.

Madison County Bank operates a straightforward community banking business that serves families, farmers, ranchers, small businesses and larger enterprises throughout Nebraska. Unlike many peer banks, more than 80% of our deposits are from consumer accounts, most with modest balances opened in our rural Nebraska market. We serve businesses and farms of all sizes.  We also provide a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of the people and commerce of Nebraska.

We’ve guided the bank through the full range of economic conditions from astonishing prosperity to prolonged recession. Madison County Bank has grown and prospered through good times and bad because we never waver from our steadfast adherence to sound business practices and careful mitigation of risks, while serving the needs of customers and communities with trust, respect and integrity. 

While we are always looking to attract more business, many of our customers have been with us for many years. Whether you’ve been a customer for a few days or for your entire life, we deeply appreciate your loyalty and support, and work hard to serve you every day.

Chris Brummels